The Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League Constitution - As adopted at the 2011 AGM and modified at the 2017 AGM


    (a) The League shall be known as the Cherwell Cricket League (hereinafter called "The League") and shall include, if required, reference to its sponsor(s).

    (b) The League is a not-for-profit organisation which belongs to the member clubs.


The objectives of the league shall be to:

    (a) Organise cricket for member clubs on a competitive basis.

    (b) Promote the highest possible standards of Cricket and playing facilities.

    (c) Ensure that play is conducted within the spirit and laws of the game of cricket and The League competition rules.

    (d) Ensure a duty of care to all member clubs and members regardless of race, gender, disability and sexual orientation.


    (a) Those clubs who have in the past been elected to the membership of the league and are still participating in the league structure.

    (b) A condition of continuing membership is that all clubs should field at least two teams each week. These teams will play either in The League or in the Home Counties League.

    (c) Additional clubs may be admitted to membership of the League by written application to the League Secretary no later than:

        (i) Seven days after the completion of the final match of the league in which they are currently playing.
        (ii) The 30th September of the year of application whichever is the sooner.

    (d) Clubs affiliated to other Leagues must notify their intentions of joining The League to their affiliated organisation and must ensure that such applications are in accordance with, and do not transgress, the constitutions of such organisations.

    (e) All applications for membership of the league shall be considered by the Management Committee. All Clubs which meet the criteria for membership, as laid out in the league playing rules (clause 12), shall have their applications put forward to a vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). the application must be be proposed and seconded by two separate existing Cherwell League clubs and requires to be passed by a majority of over 66% of the voting clubs at an AGM. Those successful clubs (accepted at the AGM) will be eligible to participate in The League competitions with effect from the season following their acceptance. The same rules apply to clubs seeking re-election to the League as a result of a breach of playing rule 3.4 (Failure to Fulfill Fixtures).

    (f) Membership shall be continuous unless a club:

        (i) Terminates it in writing no later than 30th September of the year preceding the season of withdrawal.

        (ii) Is expelled by the vote of member clubs at either an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, where 50% or more of member clubs vote for expulsion.

        (iii) Member Clubs will only be eligible to participate in the leagues fixtures or competitions if all monies owing to the league are paid by the last day of February. At the Management Committee’s sole discretion, and only in special circumstances, extensions may be granted.

    (g) All Member Clubs will be subject to the regulations of the Constitution and by joining the League will be deemed to have accepted these rules and regulations and any Codes of Conduct that the League has adopted.


    (a) Management of The League shall be vested in The Management Committee, and made up of three officers (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary) and a maximum of eight members drawn from affiliated clubs, all of whom shall be elected annually at the AGM.

    (b) The Management Committee will be responsible for implementing new policy, codes of conduct and rules and regulations that affect the organisation of The League and managing the League regarding all matters except changes to the constitution.

    (c) The officers shall be responsible for preparing annual accounts in accordance with appropriate current accounting practice and will submit them for an Independent Examination by a suitably experienced accountant who will report on those accounts direct to the member clubs. The reporting accountant shall be independent of the Executive Committee of The League, and will be appointed by that committee using a similar basis to an independent examination of a charity as set out in the Charities Act 2006.

    (d) The Management Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees as necessary, to appoint advisers as necessary to fulfil its business and to co-opt additional members. Such co-opted members shall not have voting rights.

    (e) No club shall be allowed more than two members of the Management Committee.

    (f) A quorum of the Management committee will consist of 50% of elected officers and members. Voting shall be on a basis of simple majority. All members of the Management Committee are entitled to a vote. In the event of a tie, the Chairman will have a second and casting vote.

    (g) The Secretary of the League shall normally give members of the Management Committee two weeks notice of a meeting.

    (h) Meetings should be no less than bi-monthly.


    (a) The Management Committee will be responsible for disciplinary hearings for member clubs or individuals who may have infringed the League's rules/regulations/constitution. The Management Committee will be responsible for taking any action of suspension or discipline following such hearings.

    (b) All complaints regarding breaches of The League rules / regulations / constitution should be submitted in writing to the League Secretary.

    (c) The League will then consider the complaint at the earliest opportunity and take the appropriate action in accordance with The League Disciplinary Code of Conduct.

    (d) The outcome of any disciplinary hearing will be notified in writing to the person/club who lodged the complaint and the person/club against whom the complaint was made within five days of the hearing. There will be a right of appeal by way of re-hearing before a panel selected by the Chairman of the League, which shall consist of a minimum of three persons who were not involved in the original hearing.

    (e) These persons shall consist of one member of the Management committee, and two members who are officers of affiliated clubs, who are not directly involved in the case. The appellant will lodge the appeal in writing with a deposit of £50 to the League Secretary within five days of notification of the outcome of the initial hearing. Should the appeal be upheld, the deposit will be returned.


All offences that infringe The League's Discipline Regulations will be dealt with under The League Discipline regulations.


    (a) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The League shall be held during November on a date determined by the Management Committee. A quorum at the AGM shall be 75% of the member clubs. The business transacted at the AGM shall be as follows:

        (i) To receive a general report from the Management committee.

        (ii) To receive details of and approve The League's accounts for the year ending 31st October.

        (iii) To agree the membership subscription for the coming year.

        (iv) To elect officers and members of the Management Committee.

        (v) To consider and decide upon Constitutional Proposals properly submitted in accordance with clauses 7(b) & 7(c).

        (vi) To consider items of other business submitted in writing to the Secretary no later than 30th September and considered, by the Chairman, a suitable item for discussion at an AGM.

    (b) Constitutional proposals from authorised representatives of member clubs must be submitted to the Secretary in writing no later than 30th September and supported by at least one quarter of the member clubs. The Secretary shall give written notice of any such proposals and any Management Committee proposals together with an agenda showing all business to be transacted to all member clubs no later than 5 weeks before the AGM.

    (c) (i) The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the League Playing Rules are consistent throughout and compliant with the spirit and the laws of the game. To this end, the Management Committee may, from time to time, effect such changes to the Playing Rules as it deems necessary to achieve this, without recourse to membership.

    (ii) Substantive changes to the playing rules will be proposed by the Management Committee for the member clubs’ approval. If a simple majority of voting clubs at the AGM rejects the proposed changes, the Management Committee will review and re-present them before implementing. Changes to the playing rules can also be proposed by authorised representatives of member clubs and must be submitted to the Secretary in writing no later than 30th September and supported by at least one quarter of the member clubs. Proposals so submitted can be passed at the AGM by a simple majority of voting clubs.

    (d) All proposed changes to the playing rules for the coming season will be supplied to all member clubs no later than 5 weeks before the AGM.

    (e) (b) Voting at the AGM shall be on the basis of one vote for each member club in attendance at the meeting. A club not represented at the meeting will have forfeited the right to vote. Clubs who abstain will be considered as having not voted. Constitutional Proposals shall only be carried if they are supported by two thirds or more of the member clubs voting. Playing Rules proposals shall be decided on as described in clause 7(c).

    (f) Nominations for Officers and Executive Members shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing no later than 30th September. Nominations for new Officers and Members may be made by the Management Committee or member clubs, these nominations must be seconded by a member club. Existing Officers and Members must be nominated and seconded by two separate member clubs. The Secretary shall give written notice of all such nominations to all member clubs no later than 5 weeks before the AGM.

    (g) In the case where there are more nominations than positions for officers or Management Committee Members, a vote will be taken. The Candidate(s) with the greater number of votes will be deemed to be elected.


    (a) An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by either The Management Committee or on written application of no less than one quarter of the member clubs. Each application must state that it supports the actual resolution that is to be put before the meeting; it must be on the clubs official headed paper and be signed by an Officer of the club. The Secretary shall arrange for the EGM to be held no more than four weeks after its request and shall give member clubs at least 14 days notice of the meeting together with details of the resolution(s) to be put before the meeting.

    (b) No other business other than the resolution(s) that is/are being put to the meeting will be allowed.


    (a) The Annual Subscription of member clubs shall be decided at the AGM and shall be paid to the Treasurer no later than the following 31st January. Clubs not having paid their subscriptions by the due date shall be liable to an additional supplementary payment amounting to half the agreed annual subscription.

    (b) Any surpluses retained year on year shall be held for the benefit of the member clubs and held as an advance of funds for the future administration of The League.

    (c) Surpluses will not be distributed as dividends or profits to member clubs but will be used for the future costs of running The League.

    (d) Any club leaving The League consents to all funds being retained for the benefit of the continuing member clubs.

    (e) On dissolution or cessation of The League any surplus would go to the County Cricket Boards of member clubs in proportion to the number of member clubs affiliated to each County Board.

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