The Cherwell Cricket League

Performances of the week for 19 May 2018


Top 10 Highest Team Scores

Thame Town 2357Thame Town 2 vs. Long Marston 2Division 4Scorecard
Stokenchurch 1356Stokenchurch 1 vs. Oxford Downs 2Division 3Scorecard
Bletchley Town 1335Abingdon Vale 2 vs. Bletchley Town 1Division 4Scorecard
Cropredy 2318Leighton Buzzard Town 2 vs. Cropredy 2Division 5Scorecard
Long Marston 2317Thame Town 2 vs. Long Marston 2Division 4Scorecard
Oxford Downs 1297Oxford Downs 1 vs. Abingdon Vale 1Division 1Scorecard
Bledlow Ridge 1288Twyford 2 vs. Bledlow Ridge 1Division 6Scorecard
Buckingham Town 3282Eynsham 1 vs. Buckingham Town 3Division 6Scorecard
Aston Rowant 3277Aston Rowant 3 vs. Dinton 2Division 5Scorecard
Sandford St Martin 1276Sandford St Martin 1 vs. Bledlow Village 1Division 2Scorecard

Top 10 Quickest Wins

Dinton 311Dinton 3 vs. Chearsley 2Division 10Scorecard
Thame Town 316.4Bledlow Ridge 2 vs. Thame Town 3Division 9Scorecard
Cropredy 318Cropredy 3 vs. Eynsham 2Division 10Scorecard
Westbury 220.4Westbury 2 vs. Aston Rowant 4Division 7Scorecard
Bledlow Village 223.3Bledlow Village 2 vs. Didcot 3Division 7Scorecard
Brackley 223.5Brackley 2 vs. Shipton-under-Wychwood 3Division 8Scorecard
Buckingham Town 433.3Abingdon Vale 3 vs. Buckingham Town 4Division 8Scorecard
Bletchley Town 235.1Bletchley Town 2 vs. Stokenchurch 2Division 9Scorecard
Challow and Childrey 336.1Oxford Downs 3 vs. Challow and Childrey 3Division 8Scorecard
Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 344.1Tiddington 3 vs. Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3Division 9Scorecard


Top 20 Highest Individual Scores

Arshad LatifStokenchurch 1Oxford Downs 2Division 3213Scorecard
Hamish SimLong Marston 2Thame Town 2Division 4152Scorecard
Matt FurnessThame Town 2Long Marston 2Division 4144*Scorecard
Vishal ValambhiaBuckingham Town 3Eynsham 1Division 6127Scorecard
Matt ShepherdBletchley Town 1Abingdon Vale 2Division 4125Scorecard
David De AbreuWolverton Town 2East Oxford 2Division 7121Scorecard
Robert HoodAbingdon Vale 2Bletchley Town 1Division 4119*Scorecard
Will Sawrey-CooksonChearsley 1Kingston Bagpuize 1Division 5117*Scorecard
Shahid MahmoodTwyford 1Great Brickhill 1Division 1114Scorecard
Tim WyattGreat & Little Tew 2Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 1Division 3108Scorecard
Edward SomertonCropredy 1Leighton Buzzard Town 1Division 2105*Scorecard
Nick AngusOxford Downs 3Challow and Childrey 3Division 8100*Scorecard
Colin SimpsonSandford St Martin 2Horley 2Division 6100Scorecard
William WoodleyDidcot 2Horspath 3Division 5100Scorecard
Greg PearsonSandford St Martin 2Horley 2Division 699Scorecard
Adam BeckOxford Downs 1Abingdon Vale 1Division 199Scorecard
Olly TiceWestbury 1Oxford 2Division 298Scorecard
Darryl WoodsOxford Downs 2Stokenchurch 1Division 397Scorecard
Mark RobeySandford St Martin 1Bledlow Village 1Division 297Scorecard
John RolfeBledlow Ridge 1Twyford 2Division 692Scorecard


Top 20 Bowling Performances

Altaf HussainCropredy 3Eynsham 2Division 106-9Scorecard
Savi SanghaHorley 1Cublington 1Division 36-20Scorecard
Harry SuttonOxford Downs 1Abingdon Vale 1Division 16-31Scorecard
Mark RobeySandford St Martin 1Bledlow Village 1Division 26-33Scorecard
Bhavan JeyanathanDinton 3Chearsley 2Division 105-1Scorecard
Anthony Prior-WandesfordeShipton-under-Wychwood 3Brackley 2Division 85-16Scorecard
Jonathon NicholBrackley 2Shipton-under-Wychwood 3Division 85-19Scorecard
Ben CaterBuckingham Town 4Abingdon Vale 3Division 85-19Scorecard
Andy CummingsHorspath 4Bicester & North Oxford 2Division 75-23Scorecard
Mark DakinBledlow Ridge 1Twyford 2Division 65-25Scorecard
Tousef AhmedOxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3Tiddington 3Division 95-28Scorecard
Matthew PearceBledlow Village 2Didcot 3Division 75-34Scorecard
Ben MooreBledlow Village 1Sandford St Martin 1Division 25-45Scorecard
Tim FosterAston Rowant 3Dinton 2Division 55-50Scorecard
Julian WrightHorley 2Sandford St Martin 2Division 65-61Scorecard
Steve KellyWitney Mills 1Charlbury 1Division 44-14Scorecard
Martin KeableLong Marston 3Cublington 2Division 84-18Scorecard
Joshua MarkhamBrackley 1Tiddington 2Division 44-21Scorecard
Ben WarwickThame Town 3Bledlow Ridge 2Division 94-24Scorecard
Chris LeaneyAston Rowant 2Didcot 1Division 24-27Scorecard


3 or more Dismissals in a Match


PlayerTeamOppositionDivisionNum. Catches
Frankie CrouchOxford Downs 1Abingdon Vale 1Division 13Scorecard
Peter HoltAston Rowant 3Dinton 2Division 53Scorecard
Jacob DavisTiddington 2Brackley 1Division 43Scorecard


PlayerTeamOppositionDivisionNum. Stumpings
Neil MegsonBanbury 3Minster Lovell 1Division 33Scorecard