The Cherwell Cricket League

Registration Regulations 2019

Changes for 2019

There are currently no changes to the registration rules for 2019

However it is worth noting the following change to OCA rules:

Any player that was 15 or younger at midnight on 31 August 2017 can be registered and play for an OCA club and a club in any other Saturday league without restriction

As there is a need to refresh the league database and ensure that all details are up to date. We are again offering an incentive for clubs to register players as early as possible.

Registrations made on or before 23rd April 2019 - £2.00 per player.

Registrations made on or after 24th April 2019 - £6.00 per player

On line registration is now available

Full Registration Regulations 2019

1 General

1.1 Requirements

All clubs must register all players who they wish to play in any team in the Cherwell League Divisions 1 to 6 inclusive.

1.2 U15s

Players under the age of 15 and over 13 years (see below) are eligible to play in any team in any Division but must first be registered. No fee is payable, and section 2 below setting out fees refers only to registration charges for players over 15 years of age.

1.2.1 ECB regulations mean that no player who is in School Year 8 (under 13 at midnight on the previous 31st August) is allowed to play or take part as a substitute in any Cherwell League match unless 'Explicit Written Consent' to play has been obtained prior to playing. (Forms for this consent are available from the Cherwell League website).

1.2.2 ECB regulations also provide that any player who is in School Year 7 or below (under 12 at midnight on the previous 31st August) cannot play in open age cricket (i.e. The Cherwell League) with the exception below in 1.2.3

1.2.3 An U12 player (School Year 7 and Under 12 at midnight on the previous 31st August) can play open age cricket provided they are part of the County age group squad at U12 level. Proof of their inclusion in the relevant County squad will be required. The same 'Explicit Written Consent' as in 1.2.1 above will also be required for any such player.

1.3 Limits

There are no limits on the number of players a club may register.

1.4 Unregistration

There is no requirement to deregister players. Player transfers are covered in section 5 below.

1.5 Player Categories

Player Categories are defined in Appendix 1 to these Regulations.

2 Timetable/Fees

2.1 Pre-Season Player List

A list of players to be registered for the 2019 season must be returned by email to by 23rd April 2019 or using the online system. This excludes category 3 and 3E players who must register in accordance with section 3.

2.2 Payment

Payment for the above registration list must be made before 1st May 2019. Penalties may apply to clubs who breach this regulation.

2.3 Eligibility

All players on this list will be eligible to play from the first match of the 2019 season.

2.4 Fees

For each player on the list over the age of 15 years a registration fee of £2 must be paid. This includes players who have been registered in previous seasons and any new registrations for the 2013 season.

2.5 Signatures

Clubs will be responsible for collecting signatures of existing players and holding this record, which may be requested by the League in the event of a disciplinary incident. Not having a signature for a player subject to disciplinary proceedings may count against both the player and the club at that time.

2.6 During the Season

Registrations during the Season: After 23rd April 2019 a club wishing to register a new or additional player must do so online at its own Cherwell League website area and at the same time pay £6 for each player using the PayPal link on the website. If this process is completed correctly the registration takes effect immediately. Please note that there is no alternative method of payment.

2.7 Change of Status

Any club wishing to register a player for Divisions 1-6 who is already listed in the player list for Divisions 7-10 need only make the transfer on the website and pay the £6 fee using the same process as above in 2.6. No additional documentation is required.

2.8 Eligibility

Any player registered as per 2.6 and/or 2.7 above will be available to play in the next match scheduled to start after the change is made.

2.9 Qualification

For a player to qualify for the subsequent match the on-line registration must be completed before the match is due to start.

2.10 Player Numbers

Player numbers are not required as match registrations will be by the on-line form based on lists of available players for each team.

2.11 Timing

No new registrations or transfers of players in any category will be allowed after matches in week 13 (3 August 2019). The on-line form will be disabled at this time.
Clubs will be permitted to move players from their Divisions 7-10 list to their Divisions 1-6 list after this date subject to the appropriate payment

3 Registration for 2019 for Eligible Players (see Appendix 1 below for Player Categories)

3.1 Category 1

Category 1 players are eligible to register and play in the Cherwell League.

3.2 Category 2

Category 2 players are not allowed to play in the Cherwell League.

3.3 Category 3

The following players need to register for the 2019 season even if they have previously been registered to play in the Cherwell League:

3.3.1 Visiting Player Category 3 as defined by the ECB (see below). Up to a maximum of two Category 3 players can be registered by a club. However, only one may play for a team in a Cherwell League match in Divisions 1-6 and they are not permitted to play in Divisions 7-10 of the Cherwell League (see 5.3 below)

3.3.2 Permanent Residence Category 3E (see below). No limit on registrations, only one Category 3E player can play for a team in a match if there is another Category 3 player in the team. No more than two Category 3E players can play for a side in any match where no Category 3 players are also in the team. Category 3E players are not permitted to play in Divisions 7-10 of the Cherwell League

3.4 Paperwork

Paper copies of 3 and 3E registrations are required and the timetable set out in 2 above will apply to 3E registrations. Category 3 players can only be registered before 21st April (see 5.4 below).

3.5 Fees

The fees for Category 3 and 3E are the same as for Category 1 players as set out in section 2 above.

3.6 Verification

The League reserves the right to ask for and to verify by sight any information it requires concerning registration of Category3 and 3E players.

4 Transfers

4.1 Paperwork

A player transferring from one club to another after the season has started needs to have a completed Player Transfer Form submitted. Forms are available on the League website.

4.2 Fees

The fee for a player transfer is £6 per player. As checks are needed on the eligibility of transferring players the payment for this must be submitted at the same time as the appropriate paperwork.

4.3 Eligibility

A transferred player becomes eligible to play for a new club fourteen days after last being eligible to play for the previous club i.e. At least one week of league matches will be missed.

4.4 Bans

If a player is serving any league or club ban whilst wishing to join a new club, the registration period of fourteen days will commence on the day following the end of such a ban.

4.5 Obligations

Players who are seeking to transfer must have discharged all their financial obligations to their former club and the League before the fourteen day qualifying period can start.

5 Eligibility

5.1.1 Weeks 17/18

In the final two weeks of the regular season for the division in question a registered (Divisions 1-6) player shall not play in a lower division than which they normally played in weeks 1 to 12 inclusive, unless during that period he/she has played for the team in the lower division on at least two occasions.

5.1.2 Weeks 17/18

In the final two weeks of the regular season for the division in question no player who has played four or more games in the Home Counties Premier Cricket League is eligible to play in the Cherwell Cricket League unless that player has played eight or more games in the Cherwell Cricket League in weeks 1 to 16.

5.2 Eligibility

All clubs can review their lists of eligible players on the Cherwell League website in the secure club area.

5.3 Category 3 and 3E

Category 3 and 3E players can only play in Divisions 1-6 inclusive of the Cherwell League.

5.4 Registration

All category 3 players must register prior to the start of the 2019 season. Category 3E players can be registered during the season, but their eligibility to play may be restricted as per 3.3.2 above.

6 Suspected Breaches

6.1 Suspected Breaches

Anyone wishing to report a suspected breach of the regulations should do so in writing or by E-mail to the League Secretary. If there appears to be a case to answer, the complaint will go to the Management Committee for consideration and the possible imposition of penalties.

6.2 Appeals

Appeals against penalties imposed by the Management Committee must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by new or additional evidence that was not available at the original consideration and accompanied by a deposit on account of costs as provided by the Constitution.

6.3 Penalties

Any team found to have fielded an ineligible player will be deemed to have lost the match and as a consequence gain no points from the match.

6.4 Points

Maximum points for a win will be awarded to the opposing side.

6.5 Additional Penalties

In addition to any forfeiture of points, any club found to have breached Registration Regulations will have its offence considered by the Management Committee.

6.6 Further Sanctions

The Management Committee has the power to further sanction (in addition to the loss of points in 6.3 above) any club found guilty of breaching Registration Regulations.

Clubs so sanctioned have the right to an appeal as per the Constitution and in accordance with 6.2 above.

Appendix 1 to Registration Regulations

Player Categories

The player categories below are based on the ECB definition:

The league reserves the right to ask for and to verify by sight any information it requires concerning registration of any player.

Category 1

a) Any player not covered below in Categories 2 and 3.

b) A non-British citizen who has been permanently resident in England, Wales, Scotland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for the previous four consecutive years and has not been out of these countries for more than 35 consecutive days or 70 days in total in the previous eighteen months will qualify as a category one player.

c) Any player who holds a UK (Or European) passport and is entitled to live and work in the UK without restriction or requiring additional documentation such as a visa.

Category 2

Any player who is contracted to play for a first class county. No Category 2 players are permitted to play in the Cherwell League.

Category 3 - Visiting Player

A player wishing to play cricket in the Cherwell League whilst visiting the UK must fulfil the following requirements:

a) The player must have the correct visa approved by the UK Border Agency that allows them to play cricket as an amateur whilst staying temporarily in the UK.

b) Under the government's Points Based Managed Migration system, cricket clubs will need to obtain a sponsor licence from the UK Borders Agency in order to bring cricketers and coaches from outside the EU into the country.

c) The player must have been under 24 years of age on 1st September in the year before the current season.

d) The player must not have played in any first class match, at any level, in any country, between test playing countries, or have signed a contract to play first class cricket

e) The player must submit evidence that will satisfy DBS requirements

Up to a maximum of two Category 3 players can be registered, however only one may play for a team in a Cherwell League match in Divisions 1 - 6 (inclusive). Clubs are responsible to ensuring players so registered comply with the appropriate Home Office/UK Border Agency residency rules and regulations

Category 3E - Permanent Residence - Non UK Passport Holder Players can be registered as a category 3E player, if they are living and working in the UK and possess a valid work permit/visa. They must be a permanent resident and their visa/work permit must not have been issued for the purpose of the playing or coaching of cricket (This falls into Category 3 above).

Clubs are responsible to ensuring players so registered comply with the appropriate Home Office/UK Border Agency residency rules and regulations There is no limit on the number of 3E players that can be registered but only one Category 3E player can play in the same team as a Category 3 player and a maximum of 2 registered Category 3E players can play in any team where a category 3 player is not playing.

Category 3E players may only play in Cherwell League divisions 1-6 inclusive.

To download a copy of the Registration Rules click here