The Cherwell Cricket League

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Overall Records* from 1994 to 21st July 2018

*The figures below are as accurate as possible, based on clubs returns to the league for each season. Some individuals may have scored more runs or taken more wickets if they have seasons when they did not qualify for the handbook based on the criteria of 200 runs or 15 wickets.

If any clubs/individuals wish to have these records updated please email Gary Murton with the information
For all other corrections please email here

* Denotes players known to be still playing in the Cherwell League

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Highest League Run Scorers - Qualification 3000 or more runs

Player Runs Club(s)
1M Shepherd9293 Kingston Bagpuize
2P Claridge*8917 Witney Mills
3P Hemming*8904 Kingston Bagpuize / Shipton-under-Wychwood
4P Whatmore*8762 Leighton Buzzard Town
5M Middleton*8504 Bledlow Ridge / Bicester & North Oxford
6A Latif*8076 Stokenchurch
7R Keates7735 Kingston Bagpuize
8J Mackie*7703 Tiddington
9G Murton*7615 Stokenchurch
10A Sabin7500 Banbury
11D Watts*7367 Oxford / Oxford & Horspath / Horspath
12A Mould*7322 Bledlow Village / Dinton
13P Langford*7271 Stokenchurch
14R Eason*7085 Horspath
15M Picknett*7044 Oxford / Oxford & Horspath
16M Taylor*6852 Buckingham Town
17P Plumridge*6647 Aston Rowant
18A Alam*6494 Oxford Nondescripts / Morris Motors / Banbury / Oxford
19R Sessions*6450 Wallingford
20M Evans*6405 Cumnor, Kingston Bagpuize
21R Podbery*6389 Challow & Childrey
22J Lawton-Smith*6254 Oxford / Oxford & Horspath
23P Cooling*6218 Cropredy
24R Hayes*6137 Shipton-under-Wychwood
25G Scott*6054 Abingdon Vale / Cumnor
26M Lyons*5957 Long Marston
27M Robey*5953 Sandford St Martin
28G Cook*5893 Abingdon Vale
29P Strong5867 Princes Risborough / Bletchley Town
30P Daniel*5866 Oxford Downs
31S Beck*5792 Buckingham Town / Banbury
32R Krynauw*5765 Tiddington / Leighton Buzzard Town
33I Caunce5731 Oxford Downs
34G Plested5717 Horspath / Oxford & Horspath
35S Dickens*5683 Stanton St John / Shipton-under-Wychwood
36A Prior-Wandesforde*5616 Shipton-under-Wychwood
37G Graveson*5608 Long Marston
38D Woods*5596 North Oxford / Bicester & North Oxford / Oxford Downs
39T Skeggs*5561 Kimble
40W Bartlett*5552 Oxford Downs
41Ian Demain*5509 Long Marston/Challow & Childrey/Didcot
42S Pritchard5502 Didcot
43B Humpage5393 Abingdon Vale
44N Pykett*5391 Tiddington
45N Davies5321 Chearsley
46M Bolton*5316 Bledlow Village
47D Freeman*5298 Great & Little Tew
48A Buckingham5274 Kidlington / Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts / Oxford Downs
49S Bates*5273 Shipton-under-Wychwood
50L List*5239 Oxford Downs
51A Haynes*5233 Oxford Nondescripts / Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts
52C Eaton*5220 Aston Rowant
53P Tew5160 Sandford St Martin
54J Wright5106 Banbury XX
55S Williams*5000 Bledlow Village
56A Cook*4949 Cumnor / Oxford
57P Catling*4906 Great & Little Tew
58L Ainsworth*4877 Oxford Nondescripts / Wallingford
59M Cannons*4848 North Oxford / Bicester & North Oxford / Witney Mills
60P Temple*4813 Kingston Bagpuize
61R Turner*4787 Bledlow Ridge
62P Evans4748 Abingdon Vale
63J Hunt4687 Shipton-under-Wychwood / Kidlington
64M Parmar*4633 Thame Town / Bledlow Village
65A Inns4629 Abingdon Vale
66M Anson*4562 Sandford St Martin
67A Cannons*4550 Witney Mills
68C Warboys*4491 Challow & Childrey
69K Taylor*4469 Great & Little Tew
70A Darby*4378 Great & Little Tew
71C Taylor4351 Sandford St Martin
72J Senior*4314 Shipton-under-Wychwood / Witney Mills
73R Carr*4305 Thame
74John Rolfe*4233 Bledlow Ridge
75R Dryden*4201 Bledlow Ridge
76M Walker*4168 Aston Rowant
77S Bird4144 Bledlow Ridge
78D Burgess4143 Bletchingdon / Hanborough
79A Russel*4097 Kimble
80D Ridgley*4088 Aston Rowant
81Dan Scott*4073 Leighton Buzzard Town
82A Harwood4051 Aylesbury / Dinton / Buckingham Town / Great Brickhill
83M Jones4007 Didcot
84S Laudat3932 Rover Cowley
85S Gillett3929 Shipton-under-Wychwood
86J Briggs*3921 Banbury
87N Edmondson*3917 Tiddington
88J Bacon*3912 Bledlow Village
89R Hawkins*3898 Banbury XX
90T Green3882 Long Marston
91J Cooper*3853 Aston Rowant
92P Fenn3808 Bicester / Bicester & North Oxford / Stanton St John
93Tom Light*3769 Leighton Buzzard Town
94L Selfe*3636 Leighton Buzzard
95D Bird*3630 Bledlow Ridge
96A White3622 Henley Town
97P Lazenbury3609 Bourton Vale
98H Raza3599 Stokenchurch
99R Garrini*3577 Wolverton Town
100R Brooks3557 Thame Town
101J Gear*3544 Aylesbury Town/Buckingham Town
102T Kelloway3536 Dinton
103D Linger3518 Princes Risborough
104I Esson*3481 Bletchingdon / Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts
105P Paterson3450 Bourton Vale / Sandford St Martin
106R Lovick3437 Hanborough
107G Lumb3432 Kimble / Challow & Childrey
108J Purcell3418 Dinton
109C Wakefield3403 Oxford Downs
110D Thomas3402 Chalgrove
111N Cox*3394 Sandford St Martin
112N Lambourne3384 Aston Rowant
113A Romaine3382 Buckingham Town / Brackley
114A Morteza3330 Cumnor
115G Simpson3322 Bletchley Town
116R Floyd*3321 Bledlow Village
117A Binnie3298 Bledlow Ridge
118A Jewell3298 Aston Rowant / Bicester & North Oxford / Bledlow Ridge
119G Densham3284 Banbury XX
120M Thatcher3274 Buckingham
121A Maule3231 Tiddington
122I Ahmed3175 Aylesbury Town
123E Tilley3155 Abingdon Vale
124D Lee3150 Oxford Downs
125H Hale*3134 Bledlow Ridge
126J Cater3130 Buckingham Town
127C Haupt*3061 Banbury
128A Hemming3013 Shipton-under-Wychwood
129A Morton3007 Princes Risborough
130R Williams3002 Banbury XX /Bicester & North Oxford