The Cherwell Cricket League

Cherwell League Ground Standards 2021

General Ground Conditions

The new ground standards circulated earlier this year is here

1. Good quality sightscreens at each end of the ground.

2. A clock, in proper working order and clearly visible from the square.

3. A scorebox or sheltered area for scores and a scoreboard with numbers which are clearly visible from the square.

4. Light and heavy rollers for pre-match preparation and for use between innings at the request of the captain of the side batting second.

5. Creases re-marked between innings or at the umpire's request.

6. Boundary clearly identified through its circumference and flagged at appropriate intervals to indicate its location.

7. Adequate changing rooms and showers.

Playing Surface

1. The square should have an even covering of grass and be free of weeds.

2. The pitch should not be over-watered and should provide a relatively even bounce for any given speed of bowling.

3. The outfield should be reasonably level and the grass should be cut sufficiently regularly, preferably during the week of the match, to allow a firmly struck ball to roll to the boundary.

Umpires Facilities

The minimum standards for umpires facilties are laid out below. All clubs who play in any division that is provided with Panel Umpires must comply

Failure to comply may mean the non-promotion of a club.

1. Minimum requirements: There must be a separate lockable room, either within the clubhouse or an annexe or a separate facility adjacent to the main clubhouse

2. Minimum requirements within the facility:

    2.1 The room should be clean and tidy and not be used as a storeroom, so that the full area is available for the umpires use.

    2.2 If there is no wash basin or shower within the facility, then access to the main showers must be available.

    2.3 A table and two chairs must be provided.

    2.4 Where there are internal or external glass areas, these must be screened for privacy.

    2.5 Sufficient clothes hooks, (minimum 4) plus a mirror must be provided.

    2.6 Adequate lighting must be available.


A. Clubs will appreciate the subjective nature of some of these standards with which they should nevertheless aim to comply in the best interests of the game in general and as members of the Cherwell League in particular.

B. An important objective of The League (see clause 2 of the constitution) is provision of the highest possible standards of playing facilities. Clubs which do not meet these requirements may be requested to furnish the Management Committee with reasons why and details of the steps they are taking to remedy any such non-compliance. Failure to take remedial action may repardise a club's membership of The League.

C. Clubs are reminded of Rule 2.3 of the Playing Rules:

2.3 Ground Complaints
Should the League receive two or more adverse reports from visiting teams regarding the standard of the ground or wicket, the ground in question will be inspected (a charge of £50 will apply) and any recommended improvements must be carried out within an agreed timescale or permission to play on the ground may be withheld.