Scorers and Scoring

Important information for all scorers

Please ensure all scorers have read both documents below - this is for their own safety as well as others

DBS Checks and Scorers here
Safeguarding obligations for scorers here

Scorers and Playing Rules

The Cherwell League rules (6.11) state that all teams in Tiers 1-3 MUST have a scorer present at every match. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point deduction. This scorer must not be a player and in (6.12)

Scorers in Tier 4. It is the responsibility of both teams to provide a non-playing scorer. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of two points.

In lower tiers we would encourage all teams to have a non-playing scorer at much as possible, however there is no penalty for not supplying a scorer below Tier 4.

Please remember it is a league requirement for both scorebooks to be completed and contain all 22 (or less if a team does not have 11 players) names. This is particularly important when matches are abandoned. The Home team needs this information in order to submit a completed scorecard as per the league rules.

Using the Play-Cricket scoring apps

From 2024 clubs can use the Play-Cricket scoring apps to score Cherwell League matches. Full details of what is required can be found here.

The main requirement is that all players are registered in p-c and their p-c ID is known to the website/player registrations. Details of how to do this are in the document
In addition all matches not scored in p-c will be posted back to p-c in the week following the match, so clubs will not have to update their own site to keep player records up to date.

TCS Laptop Scoring

All teams in Tiers 1-5 have been supplied with a league purchased laptop.
This laptop has Total Cricket Scorer (TCS) installed and each season the league provides a database to be used to score Cherwell League matches. There is no rule on using the laptop to score (as opposed to a traditional scorebook) however it is encouraged.
In particular submissions of results and scorecard is a simple operation if TCS has been used to score the match.

If you turn your laptop on, try to start TCS and get Error: Cannot download document rebooting the laptop will fix this.

Instructions on laptop use and results loading can be found here

If your TCS scored match does not load the chances are it is for one of the following reasons:
You are not using the 2024 database. This can be downloaded from the link below
You have not set the match up Home vs Away correctly. This needs to match the fixture
You have the wrong match date (note if you set the match up the day before remember to correct the date)

You must also load a new player file each week This Player file will be placed in the 2024 Dropbox folder on the Friday before each week of matches. This ensures new registrations and transfers are in the database
If you do not load this file you will see a number of 'unknown' players in the submitted scorecard and it will have to be corrected.

Files to download

TCS Laptop scoring instructions
2024 TCS Database
Note: This MUST be used for the current season or scorecard files WILL NOT load

Latest Player File

Laptop training