Italy also defeats England in cricket: a historic triumph at the T10 European Championship in Malaga

A legendary victory at the Cartama Oval in Málaga, where Italy, after 4 defeats in a row in two days, won its first victory over the masters of the game England. The "Squadra Azzurra" beat the English for the second time in history, the last time was in 1998 (23 years ago).

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Looking at the calendar, the magical Italian summer is over for a few days, but the amazing blue feats in international sports continue to pile up. In a strange twist of fate this year, every time Italy meets England, the Queen's subjects always lose. It happened in football, in athletics at the Olympic Games, a few days ago at the European Women's Polo Championships and - hear, hear - even in cricket, a sport that was born more than 300 years ago across the Channel and practiced mainly in the Commonwealth countries.

At the T10 European Cricket Championships taking place in Málaga, the national team celebrated its first victory after four defeats in two days against the masters of the game, England's most difficult and overwhelming opponent. I wonder what were the chances of legal cricket betting apps in India? The success goes beyond the historical point of view as this is only the second in history and the first time was in 1998: 23 years ago. 

Match report

Captain Baljeet Singh dragged in a day of grace (player of the match with 43 points, not out with 6 boundaries) Azzurri went to the Cartama Oval in Málaga with the desire to impress everyone. The first wicket, that of Harrison Ward, who less than 24 hours before had defeated the Three Lions attack by scoring 37, arrives after only five overs. And in the next over - the second elimination. The bowlers never lose concentration and keep good saves: England still has 29 points by the middle of the innings. Among the bowlers, Muhammad Imran of Jinnah is particularly in form, scoring 8 runs in 2 overs and getting a wicket. The partnership between Dan Lincoln and Tom Bevan is getting the English attack back on its feet, but a total of 87 runs is more than achievable.

The attack, for its part, shows that it is taking its time and not letting itself be carried away by emotion. A more conservative approach in the early overs, aimed more at avoiding wickets than trying to get all the points at once, is proving to be winning. Captain Baljeet Singh in partnership with Hassan Ahmad (Bergamo and Jinnah respectively, the two finalist teams of the 50 overs championship) makes sure to make the overall blue journey. The game ends with four deliveries to go, Singh's four blows up the blue party and certifies a success that is already legendary.

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