6th August 2022 Division 4A Abingdon Vale II beat East and West Hendred by 3 Wickets

East and West Hendred 1 (8 pts) 190-10 50.2 overs

Reuben Barksfield 67, Ethan Barksfield 34, Marselle Cronje 2-31, Jon Francis 1-20

Abingdon Vale 2 (25 pts) 193-7 44 overs

Paul Butcher 52, Glynn Williams 43, Luke Mitchell 4-69, Robert Berry 2-24

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1st Innings East and West Hendred 1

2nd Innings Abingdon Vale 2


Umpires: Chris Blaber and Mark Neal
Scorers: Gary Mitchell and Stephen Barksfield

Match details

Venue: Abingdon Weather: Sunny Pitch: Green Toss: East and West Hendred 1
Man of the match: Luke Mitchell